Awesome place here. Highly recommend!!! Dr. Richard Vicory and his staff make their patients feel comfortable and relaxed during physical therapy treatment procedures. From the front door to the back the small but mighty team of techs pay special attention to the upmost detail so you get the best possible results from your personalized therapy to get you back to your normal lifestyle quickly and safely. Geared for all ages they even have an aqua spa for therapy involving special procedures. Stop by and see for yourself why they are the top physical therapy facility in Apopka and surrounding areas. Thank you Performance Rehabilitation.

Fran C., Patient at Performance Rehabilitation

Due to major back surgery in 2012 which was unsuccessful, Performance Rehabilitation has been my lifeline to improve my quality of life. Results have been amazing, with the assistance of knowledgeable and professional staff. Performance Rehabilitation is my second home when the pain becomes unbearable. Use of a heated pool with a treadmill is my therapy and can only be found at Performance Rehabilitation. Thank you, Thank you!

Ron P., Patient at Performance Rehabilitation

I am so grateful to the staff at Performance Rehabilitation – for their knowledge of what to do to help people get back to normal activities and their compassion for those they treat. They ALMOST make therapy enjoyable! They are certainly HEROES to me!


The staff at Performance Rehabilitation has been wonderful. They are caring and act glad to see you when you come. They have genuinely been interested in my progress and helped me push through when progress seemed to stall.  Dr. Vicory, Frank and Dayana were always good listeners and answered questions that I had as we went along.  Lisa was a welcoming face each time I came and was so accommodating in arranging my visits.


For the last year, I couldn’t walk correctly, but now I can!  You have no idea what a blessing that is!!

Jan S., Patient at Performance Rehabilitation

The results that you’re going to get from aquatic therapy – there’s nothing like it! When I get in the pool, my aches and pains are gone. It just relaxes you and lifts you up. I would advise anybody that was having a problem to come here. The benefits for me have been great because when I came here, my husband pushed me in in a wheelchair and I couldn’t walk. Now, I even drive myself here and I am living a more productive life than before.

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Vicki M., Patient at Performance Rehabilitation