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At Performance Rehabilitation, we provide comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy services using state of the art equipment and techniques. Each program is individually designed for your specific goals and needs.

We understand the pain you are going through. Our staff prides itself on its commitment to excellence and we strive to make your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with a positive and supportive atmosphere to encourage emotional and physical success. We provide care with compassion to improve your well-being and prepare you for a return to a better quality of life.

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Dr. Richard Vicory is the owner of Performance Rehabilitation in Central Florida.

Lisa Berrios

Patient Services Manager

Lisa Berrios is our Patient Services Manager. She was born in Brooklyn

Sara Caraballo

Patient Services Assistant

Sara Caraballo is our Patient Services Assistant. Sara was born in Orlando

Marcos Pujol

Physical Therapy Assistant

Marcos Pujol is our Physical Therapy Assistant. Marcos is a native


Business Development and Marketing Manager

Suzi Suarez is our Business Development and Marketing Manager. Suzi originally came

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Physical Therapy

At Performance Rehabilitation, we provide comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy services using state of the art equipment and techniques. Each program is individually designed for your specific goals and needs.

Aquatic Therapy

We Proudly Offer the Only Dedicated Aquatic Therapy Pool in the Area.

Performance Rehabilitation provides one-on-one aquatic therapy in a private environment. The heated therapy pool relieves gravity from your painful joints and muscles, and there is no need to swim. We have a powered underwater treadmill providing a significant advantage. A lift is also available to help you gently in and out of the pool.

Sports Medicine

We provide a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to physical and sports medicine.  We focus on the recovery from  musculoskeletal injuries,  restore function, promote healing, and alleviate pain in patients with a wide variety of acute injuries and chronic conditions.  Whether you have a relatively minor injury, or you live with continuous pain or reduced musculoskeletal function, we can customize a treatment program that is tailored specifically to your individual condition, needs, and desired outcome.

Strength & Conditioning

We have the most educated, professional and well-trained staff with the focus of educating youth and adults on the importance of strength and conditioning training. We provide a positive, encouraging space for training and fitness to take place. At Performance Rehabilitation, our goal is to build self-confidence and change the face of training today. Strength & Conditioning is a science based approach to training with a goal of maximizing athletic capability while minimizing injury potential. As strength and conditioning specialists we will aim to improve the attributes necessary to compete at a high level by enhancing your power, strength, speed, and mental discipline.

Fitness Program

1.) Have you completed your physical therapy sessions, but want to continue on the path to wellness?
2.) Do you want to start a fitness program, but are intimidated by the “gym” atmosphere?
3.) Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further…we can help!

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FAQs / Common Questions

The initial visit will consist of discussing your specific problem and how it is affecting you.  Review of your medical history, medications, and limitations will be part of the process.  Testing and measurements will be performed.  Once a complete idea of your problem and limitations is understood, we will discuss what options are available for your treatment ad goals.
Physical therapists discuss your specific problem and develop a plan to return you back to your normal level.  Treatment options can include exercise, movement activities, walking, education, manual treatment, and therapeutic techniques.  Your specific treatment will be discussed with you and develop as you progress through your care.
Physical therapy does not need to hurt.  The no pain, no gain mentality does not apply at Performance Rehabilitation.  There are times that there may be discomfort but pain is a NO.  Let your therapist know if you have pain and discuss options to perform the same movement without the pain.
Performance Rehabilitation handles all billing.  We obtain the information from you about your payment for services, verify benefits and provide a written plan on the information given to us.  We can discuss payment options.
Insurance is the primary source of payment.  Be sure that the clinic checks your benefits and gives you a breakdown of what your financial responsibility is.  There should be no surprises.  Be careful if the clinic can’t give you information on your financial responsibility.  An unexpected bill later is an unwelcome gift. We offer financial options for those who have difficulty covering co pays, deductibles, co insurance and self pay.

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